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The Rehabilitation of Cherry Bomb Continues!

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I am mostly making this post for motivation and so y’all can help keep me accountable 😆

My list of things to do for the Cherry seems to get longer each day and though working basically 3 jobs does keep me from getting it done, procrastination is still the greater enemy 🤓

I was asked during the meet in Maryland when discussing a few issues, “Do you want to make it run, or do you want to make it right?” Well, I’ve got her running. Now I want to make her right :)

My List thus far (quasi in order of importance but not in the order I will get it done lol):
  • Replace radiator and burp coolant- I’m so done with coolant!! But this one is done, yay! ✅
  • Replace tie rod end boots (they’re toast)
  • Install Scott’s front springs
  • Replace sway bar links (also toast) Done!
  • Check brakes and lines. Brakes feel a little soft and I detect a slight burning smell at times. Replaced rotors, pads, calipers, and fluid. Done! ✅
  • My mpg has dropped recently- track down the reason for that. Done! Sticking calipers were the culprit. ✅
  • Deep discharge HV battery (This should be #1 on the list but for some reason it’s a little daunting :) )
  • Fix exhaust leak. Done! ✅
  • Fix driver side window switch (this went out on my way back from the Maryland meetup 😪)
  • Fix dash lights- I don’t know the set up back there, but several indicators do not light up and at times, the middle section of the dash is darkened
  • Figure out why my hood, headlights, and bumper don’t align (This is not conducive to my ocd 🙃)
  • Fix ALL water leaks. I’m swimming…

  • (Keeping an extra bullet here to continue adding 😂)
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Deep discharge HV battery (This should be #1 on the list but for some reason it’s a little daunting :) )
For me the most daunting thing would be making a list in the first place. There's a reason the word "project" is in my username.

I've never worked with a hybrid automotive charger/discharger. Does it use the same harness for the light bulb discharger or do you have to hook something else up?

Y’all believe I just drove 2300 miles with a rad like this?
Did you know about the condition of the radiator before you made the trip? If so, I might not be the craziest person on this site🙃.

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Same night the pulley noise started, I also had a big truck parked next to me decide to back out too sharp… i know who did it so we’ll see what insurance says. Already got an estimate from an auto body shop and they said $2,600 for repairs! 😳
I have faith that you will get Cherry a'door'able again! 😊
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