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The right engine oil

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I have a 2010 Honda insight. I've got about 145k km on it. What's the correct viscosity of engine oil to put in the car?
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It doesn't have to be Mobil 1. It can be any brand 0W20 oil specified to API SN.
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Don’t buy w mart or cheap oil, you get what you pay for. Mobil one is great oil. Than again if it’s just a beater and you short on cash, ya got do what ya got do.
Here in Romania (Europe) I use Yacco HY 0W20 after Honda GreenOil 0W20. My Insight seems to run smoother.
My mechanil changed mine to 5w 30 and told me that you should use slightly thicker oil in older cars. Mine has 180 000km. Should i use 0w 20 next time?
Okay thenk you. Im not a car guy but i noticed my leftover oil in the basement and decided to just check online. Them i found out i should use 0w 20. Now i use original Honda 5w 30 but the price of the Honda 0w 20 is actually the same. Ill go for it on the next change
I have the Insight since 2 years. The first year I did the service with Mobil 1 0w20. The problem is that it is hard to find and expensive. Now I did the service with Castrol Edge 0w20, excellent oil and costs less than the Mobil 1.
Should be fine as long as it meets Honda specs.
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