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Folks, what do you thing about this idea:
"The Six Thinking Hats" model developed by the de Bono Group.

It may bode well for this group. Check it out, it doesn't take too long:
The de Bono Group - Six Thinking Hats

Read it, consider it, debate it here if you wish , perhaps adopt it as a model to create more light than heat on this forum.

I like to wear a White Hat mostly. It's comfortable.
I respect Black Hats within limits, and try it on sometimes if the wind is blowing the proper direction.
I wish I had a Green Hat, but I don't think I'm that cleaver.
I have my Red Hat 'on the hook' most of the time, and
I proudly wear the Yellow Hat on special occasions.
Who will wear the Blue hat?

Actually, thinking humans wear all the different Hats at some point, and simplistically it's a bit like the 'painted wheels' preferences what Hat we wear.

Please tell us what you think.

Is the Hat Model applicable here at ICN, especially relevant to new developments?
It works for corporations.
Can it work in balance for a hybrid car forum with the few truly brilliant minds, the above average type A personalities, a host of normal just plain folks, alongside the likely web average of 5.6% so called trolls that live in forums? Hmmmm. [..Pauses to check in the mirror - seeing no reflection carries on....]
I invite discussion, but I will act the "hit-and-run troll" in this thread and abandon it to the group discussion.
What do you all think about the "Six Thinking Hats"?
Do any fit for the greater group here in light of controversy?
Let us know please.
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