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Things to know when buying an ex-rental fleet vehicle?

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I just found out about a rental company in L.A. that is apparently selling 3 or 4 used 2000/2001 ex-rental insights that have around 50,000mi, so I am going to be hunting these for a while. I also have a friend that works for Enterprise Rentacar in their Midwest Regional Corporate office, so I will be checking with him about possibly finding a used rental fleet insight through him.

Does anyone know any specific things to look for when buying an ex-rental fleet vehicle? Besides just saying it is generally a bad idea! My friend that works for Enterprise has bought 3 ex-rental fleet vehicles well below the market rate for those cars and he has not had a single problem with any of them! (albiet he gets the pick of the litter as he works for them!)

Any specific information would be greatly welcomed, I have purchased (or been involved in purchasing) several used cars and I know what generally to look for in a used car. But if anyone knows anything about ex-rental fleet vehicles that may be specific to that market, or if anyone has any general experiences buying ex-rental fleet vehicles they would like to share please feel free!
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I can tell you that any car that is sold in California, that is an ex-rental car, has to have disclosure that it was a rental car. That disclosure will follow the car. I think it may even be part of the registration/Title.

I also know that most rentals are very well maintained. They aren't driven very nicely, but the rental companies do take good care of them.

If you run into more than one Insight let me know as I want to possible get another Insight. I'm not replacing just adding to my own fleet. :D
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