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As I was looking at the EGR valve today I noticed the throttle cable was really loose. (I couldn't get the EGR valve off because one of the nuts was rusted really bad and I just ended up stripping the nut. Anyhow, the service manual says 10-12 mm deflection in the cable for the spec. I was more like twice that. I wonder if this would reduce mileage because if your throttle isn't all the way open then you are using more of the IMA than ICE. Just thought I'd share this as something you might want to check. By the way I'm assuming deflection means side to side, not side to center.

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Your mileage should not vary because of the loose cable. The TPS
(throttle position sensor) measures the rotation of the throttle body
not the throttle cable. The IMA usage is based upon many conditions
(one of them is the TPS sensor) but the throttle cable does not have
a sensor on it. You may not be able to go with WOT (wide open throttle)
but you wouldn't want to do that too often for MPG reasons.

It is easy to adjust...Just loosen the top nut and pull the cable from
the throttle bracket, then turn the bottom nut to adjust the deflection
then install and tighten...

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If you cable is in the 1" (1"=25.4mm) slop range I'd snug it up :!:

Deflection is usually measured along the plane of throttle cable cam rotation. And not so firmly that your pulling against the pedal or throttle cam.

As has been already correctly pointed out no change in MPG. Unless you begin to take advantage of the wider throttle openings that will be available after the adjustment. :p

HTH! :)
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