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Re: Tire problems-cracks in tread!!

speed said:
....I have been an aircraft mechanic my whole life, not afraid of an insight) and after changing the oil, was ready to rotate the tires. I noticed the front tires had cracks between the treads, very similar to dry rot cracks on 20 year old tires.
Hello speed,
Is your Insight always parked outside ? As I can see yours from 2001, it is not verry strange to see tires already getting cracks if parked outside. BTW we can shake hands, you are an aircraft mechanic, well....I am a aircraft ground engineer and I've seen many times new tires (on planes, Bridgestones as well) which were having cracks between the treads. If your Insight is always parked inside a garage, your tires should'nt crack that fast. I hope you can get new for free !! Of the record, what types of a/c you worked on ?

Good luck
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