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A small garage near my house installed 4 205\55\16 on my Honda Insight. 2010
Is this safe
And can i pass a MOT test with this.
My MPG improved and my speedo is showing the correct speed (GPS
But every time i loose air on all 4 tires.
I fill them up and a hour later they are all 4 at 1.2Bar (From 2.3

These are all new tires
And i keep feeling a lot of vibrations in the cabin and the steering wheel.
Even on normal and smooth roads the car tends to shake and on hi speeds even tends to go a little to the right and then left.
The tires are balanced and lined

I am worried about this :

Btw my GF left a Air wick on the dashboard and its liquid leaked on it.
Is there a way to remove this.

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I don't know the laws where you live, here in the german speaking part of Europe your Tire is to tall.

You got about 4% more in circumference that is illegal here.

The wandering get could be a result of the too tall tire, check the Toe-In.

Any loss of Air is critical, so if you can't find a leak at the removed tire spayed in with water/soap mixture th get some bubbles you have to submerge in water to see where the air goes. (did you check the Tire-valves)

for the dashboard... water and soap and after the cleaning some Amor-All??

greetings Auric
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