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With the stock tire pressure set-up of 38psi front 35psi rear the Insight exhibits slight "understeer" characteristics. Understeer is the term used when a vehicle has the tendancy to continue in a straight line while turning. Slight understeer is recommended as safe for highway driving situations.

Now, if you want to decrease the "understeer" characteristic of your vehicle there are two ways to do so with tire pressure. NOTE: When testing tire pressure to determine handeling characteristics you should always test in 2psi incriments. This makes for safe experimentation.

You can either increase the pressure in the tires that are lower or decrease the pressure in the tires that are higher.
Increasing the low will improve fuel efficiency, but handeling will become skittish. Decreasing the high will give better traction but fuel effiency will suffer. Equalizing the pressures with the mean average between the front and rear may be the way to go in your case. Remember to test in 2psi steps or you might be in for unexpected surprises, which would be very bad on public roadways.
1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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