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40 all-around

I've found that for winter driving, 40 on every corner seems adequate.

And the earlier poster assuming the rear tires are higher-inflated than the front: not correct. It's 38 front, 35 rear. IMHO, the lower rear PSI is more for minimizing noise, vibration, and harshness than anything else. The rear tires sing like a diva at higher pressures.

Regardless, I've tried it at below-recommended (32 at all corners -- smooth ride, decent traction in the snow, crappy gas mileage in the forties), fifty at each corner (too slippery on ice/snow to be of any use in the winter, though the MPG was reasonable), and finally settled on forty at every corner as a reasonable mid-range that gave me a moderate MPG increase without completely destroying my traction in the frequent snows here in Utah.

I'm satisfied there, but when it does snow, it's still a little too slippery for comfort -- it's a white-knuckle ride. Next winter, when we have a bit more money saved, it's snow tires for sure from November through March...
1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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