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Top Speed of the Insight

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I'm a bit of a speed freak, and well, since most of the chatter about the Insight is usually centered around either its gas mileage, its environmental friendliness, etc., no one ever seems to mention much about how much performance the car can offer to those willing to see their mpg suffer a little. Well, I'm going to broach the question.

So, what's the fastest you've had your Insight up to?

I've once seen 107mph on my speedo, and I was grinning from ear to ear!

I'd be interesting if anyone has tried to see what they could top out at. Maybe I'm the only one, but I'd expect not.

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First, BlueInsight1701, great pic! That's pretty gutsy to be going that fast AND take a picture! I love it. And how many other cars do you know that can still be getting 25mpg at over triple digit speeds (check out that instantaneous fuel mileage meter, its a tick under the 25mpg mark, pretty impressive I'd say!).

Second, to rodneyAB and dazey, you're probably right and truly safer, but my philosophy has always been, and continues to be, that if you're going fast then more likely you get to choose what you hit instead of being a target for someone else to hit. Meaning, if the worst case situation were to occur, I'd rather be able to somewhat choose how I'll try to dissapate the energy of the impact rather than allowing some two ton behemoth to plow in to me (because I don't really think our 1,800 pound aluminum wondermobiles will do much good in causing the other vehicle to loose its energy before ripping through us like a tin can). Hopefully it'll never happen, but at least our diminutive size can be an advantage in some panic situations. I've used the small size to avoid several incidents where other larger vehicles I've had probably would have impacted with something.

Anyways, at least with the Insight frugality does not mean boring!
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I don't really think that I've felt the Insight to be any more unstable at high speed than any of the other cars I've ever had that I've had up over 100, and I know its better at that speed than my old Nissan truck used to be. And yes, the look on folks faces when they see an ecomobile blast past them is indeed priceless!
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