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Top Speed of the Insight

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I'm a bit of a speed freak, and well, since most of the chatter about the Insight is usually centered around either its gas mileage, its environmental friendliness, etc., no one ever seems to mention much about how much performance the car can offer to those willing to see their mpg suffer a little. Well, I'm going to broach the question.

So, what's the fastest you've had your Insight up to?

I've once seen 107mph on my speedo, and I was grinning from ear to ear!

I'd be interesting if anyone has tried to see what they could top out at. Maybe I'm the only one, but I'd expect not.

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A Dealer Said 110

A dealer said 110 mph. I have been guilt a couple of times going 100 mph to let some road warriors know an Insight is not a pushover. Again, I should just go the speed limit so I can be healthy enough to visit them in the ICU.

To state another obvious fact: The battery has to be fully charged to fly that fast and it's only for a little while.
Years ago, I was in rush hour traffic in my 1988 Honda CRX doing about 50 or 60 mph. Could not miss a pothole. Eventually replaced the wheels, but they were bigger. It goes without saying replacing wheels for the Insight can only be done by Honda.
I've hit 113 mph - when the speed limiter engages.
Speed is a Good Selling Point

Tonight at the pump, someone was asking about the Insight. Have the URL of this site on the back of the car in 3-inch letters, but what got his attention is:

- get 56.6 mpg lifetime keeping up with the Dallas drivers
- get 45 mpg driving like a high-school Domino's pizza kid
- get 40 mpg driving over 90 mph

...did not get to the part of getting 75+ mpg cruising at 60 mph. :D
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