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HI all!

Have not been on here in a while, sorry bout that!

Put 12k miles on lil' Red since ownership, my commute loop of 113.2 miles has yielded 60.x mpg regularly.. never 59, never 61.. until last week.

If you have not cleaned your egr plate, just do it. Do not question this, its so simple. I did not even have any cost other than cleaning solution, as I re-used the metal gasket with a thin spritz of copper coat.

POST cleaning my 4 day commute loop left me at 66.1mpg! Thats 10%...
NO belly pans installed, no other changes, save for new fancy Mobil one oil.

Today I put on Scotts insanely well built and amazing belly pan..
Very possibly (knock on aluminum) I may be nudging the 70 club territory, and this in a hellish mountain commute.


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