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I towed my Insight about 250 miles when I first bought it. I rented a U-haul 2 wheel tow dolly. You just drive up on it, the front wheels fall into a couple of depressions and you strap and chain it down.

I didn't have any clearance issues with the ramps, chains, straps or ground clearance or side clearance on the trailer. It towed fine with the rear wheels on the ground...just double check that the parking brake is off!

The only two problems I had were nearly causing a guy passed me in the left lane and the car behind him started gawking at the Insight as they passed. They didn't see that the original guy who passed was slowing down to get a look, too. When they turned around, they had to slam on the brakes to avoid rear-ending the guy...there was lots of smoke and squealing tires but they didn't hit anyone.

The other issue was backing the Insight off the trailer. The front wheels go into a depression with fairly steep sides (a third safety feature, beyond the straps and chains). I didn't want to just come flying out of them so it took a bit of skill to hit the gas pretty hard to get up out of the hole, then immediately stab the brake just as the wheels get to the top. From there you can do a slow controlled descent down the other side and off the ramps.
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