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I know it's Not Legal in Ur Country But in mine nobody seem to care about it.

I have 2Gen EX 2010 Model . All TPMS Sensor are Gone ....
It's still hard to by from other Country ......

on E-bay i cant find my country for shipping list :p
yeah From Myanmar with pain in the *** !!

it in the pic i attach

- TPMS ..... Removing Fuse . or Removing TPMS control Box the light will
hunt me forever ..

- Cutting the CAN L or CAN H same thing. Even Both wires Cut

- Some Toyota owner in u r country found their solution ..some evrn buy
Tpms radio box that duplicate TPMS signal .
- I Came up with a Idea that few week ago TPMS warning goes of on my
- There is No Sensor at all. so system failure and i want that :D
- In Honda Service Manual has it ...Tyre went flat but no indicator no DTC
- In 20 pin Connector pin No. 8 and 3 volt test with meter
less than 00.1 @ ignition key is switch off system is good :D:D:D
battery volt @ ignition key is switch off that could caused the
system fail to report Error.. ( or ) Gauge module went bad :):)
but i tried . out of luck .... so i switch to plan B ..... see in pic..

Remove the Fuse No.5 ( ignition ) cut the Pin No. 8 @ TPMS control
Unit Short to Pin No. 10 .... so system still work as it design ..
and the wire that i cut pin No. 8 the other end to +12v ....

!!! Danger !!!
Without removing the Fuse No.5 +12V distributed to all system
component . Even the Key @ 0 position

TPMS LED ( Low pressure / System ) will receive +V on the
Negative side :D if my math is right the wont light up :D
So may be That might rid of Bitching TPMS
The Name should be BTMS :D:D:D:D
( Honda Civic Symmetric is better understandable )

It is Not A Solution yet and ... i also dont Know It's working or Not .... best guess by my self ....
Asking For Guidance here :D

pls Correct me if i am wrong .. and i ald tried Honda Man Myanmar ..... They also dont know . ( I might end up buying new sensor pack )
In Myanmar Most Insight are Japan import ....

LX EX EX with Navi are very rare :D so very hard to fix also :D


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I've been looking into this as I hate how hard/expensive Honda made it to reset/program the TPMS.

As far as I can tell, you'd probably have to hack the ECU firmware, and I'm not brave enough to go down that rabbit hole (potentially BRICKING your CAR).
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