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You may be the only one here to have driven a Prius, Insight CVT, and Insight 5-speed.

Expect the battery meter on an Insight 5-speed to vary more. Since I'm in the Dallas area and most of my driving is freeway, it's usually 2/3 charged. I would expect the hills along with the stop-and-go traffic will give you frequent low battery meter reading. When I'm in extended stop-and-go traffic, the battery meter get hit pretty bad. Sometimes I just shift lower than normal in those situations.

I can only speculate about hilly terrain. My 1988 CRX HF had problems since it had a tight gear box. I suspect the same is true for the Insight. When I was going uphill west of Denver on I70, I had to downshift to third and was only going 50 mph. If it was tuned for high altitude it might have helped.

Most of the time my acceleration seems fine, but I think it has problems at full throttle. The electric assist seems more effective under 50 mph than over 50 mph.

The rollercoaster readings on your battery meter seem quite normal for a Insight 5-speed.
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