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I have a '02 Blue CVT bought new last Super Bowl weekend, it has 5,600 miles. Clean & smooth. Shortly after buying the CVT, I began wishing that I had a MT instead. For the pleasure/control of shifting and for the extreme mileage.

Well, about a month ago a friend mentioned that he needs to sell his '01 Silver MT with 20,000 miles because his wife won't drive it. She wants an auto-trans car.

So we have now driven each others cars. They like mine. I'm not sure about theirs. For one thing, it was less peppy than I assumed a MT would be. It's the 1st MT Insight that I've driven. While the CVT, especially in "S" mode, has a nice standing start pickup, the MT seemed sluggish. Maybe that's the way they all are?

The other thing is the battery meter. On my CVT it rarely gets below 3/4 and is usually near full. I'm in the Bay area, so there are hills, but even a 1,000 foot climb still leaves about 3/4 charge. And the battery recharges quickly.

On the other hand, this MT Insight's battery meter is usually between 1/4 and 3/4. It hardly every shows full, and sometimes fully discharges on that same 1,000 foot climb. Is that normal?

What do y'all think of trading these cars? I would expect to get some cash out of it. Does $2k seem like enough? $3k?
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