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Trade CVT for MT? Advice pls

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I have a '02 Blue CVT bought new last Super Bowl weekend, it has 5,600 miles. Clean & smooth. Shortly after buying the CVT, I began wishing that I had a MT instead. For the pleasure/control of shifting and for the extreme mileage.

Well, about a month ago a friend mentioned that he needs to sell his '01 Silver MT with 20,000 miles because his wife won't drive it. She wants an auto-trans car.

So we have now driven each others cars. They like mine. I'm not sure about theirs. For one thing, it was less peppy than I assumed a MT would be. It's the 1st MT Insight that I've driven. While the CVT, especially in "S" mode, has a nice standing start pickup, the MT seemed sluggish. Maybe that's the way they all are?

The other thing is the battery meter. On my CVT it rarely gets below 3/4 and is usually near full. I'm in the Bay area, so there are hills, but even a 1,000 foot climb still leaves about 3/4 charge. And the battery recharges quickly.

On the other hand, this MT Insight's battery meter is usually between 1/4 and 3/4. It hardly every shows full, and sometimes fully discharges on that same 1,000 foot climb. Is that normal?

What do y'all think of trading these cars? I would expect to get some cash out of it. Does $2k seem like enough? $3k?
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To keep the battery from draining too much on long or even medium length hillls you need to downshift usually to 3rd gear.
We weren't kidding when we said the MT Insight requires more input from the driver! On hilly terrain unless you keep constant throttle and allow the car to slow right down on some uphills (not recommended in traffic) then you have to shift often.
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