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I will run down what worked for me and how to diagnose it yourself in a 2nd Gen Honda Insight (2010-2014) since I looked everywhere and the information was not easy to find.

1. A/C Clutch Relay: The quick and easy fix, it is Denso Part #: 156700-2680 or Mitsuba 7001-71-8927 or Omron Part #: G8HL-H71

It is located in your engine compartment on the driver side in front of the battery and has a cover to protect the relays. Just remove the cover and replace the relay highlighted in yellow.


This worked great for a lot of people and you can get a relay from Amazon for < $10.00

This worked for me for about 6 weeks but then the issue came back.

2. Ambient Temperature Switch: This time I noticed my ambient temperature was also not accurate. I was told that that could be the issue so I purchased a replacement from Honda Part #: 80525-S30-941


It is located on the passenger side behind the front bumper. It can be accessed from above by removing the cover above the grill just remove the 7 clips and pull up and back and should come right out. reach down until you can grab the sensor I looked through the front until I grabbed it. You can just slide it off it's bracket by pulling it toward the drivers side and then pressing the clip and installing a new one.

[Make sure to not turn on the vehicle without the switch or you will have to disconnect the battery to get it to work properly.]


This fixed my temperature reading issue but the intermittent A/C issue persisted. So I went on to the next possible problem.

3. A/C Clutch: issue. I removed the passenger side front tire and removed the plastic panel that covers the A/C unit as show below. There is one in the back I couldn't catch in the photo, the arrow points to the general area.



One removed you will have access to the A/C Clutch Assembly:

First check the clearance. It should be within .014" - .026" to be within spec. I used Craftsman Leaf Gap Gauge Part # 40811 to check. Mine was at .035" which was out of spec.


I then removed the 12mm bolt at the center of the A/C Clutch plate with an impact wrench as noted below.


Once removed you can pull off the A/C Clutch plate. I had to give it a little nudge with a screw driver. I took out the spacer in between the clutch plate and clutch assembly and measure it with the Leaf Gap Gauge and noted it was .020" as noted below.


doing the math removing the shim would give me clearance within spec. so I proceed to clean the A/C Clutch plate with a little carb cleaner and a wire brush and reinstalled the A/C Clutch Plate without the shim and rechecked the clearance .015" exactly.


Before putting everything back I turned on the car and turned the A/C on and off a few times and the A/C Clutch engaged and disengaged perfectly.

Now this is a temporary fix as obviously eventually the clutch plate with be worn down to the point that it will need to be replaced but this should take a while.

Hope this helped save you some money and stay cool.

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THANK YOU VERY MUCH. unfortunately I cant do these things myself and have to rely on the mechanic and they dont want to listen to what I have researched here. However, they did replace the relay (said it was cracked) and that cost me $126.00 (arts and labor) BUT DID NOT SOLVE THE PROBLEM. ALL i WANT IS FOR THEM TO CHECK THE GAP ON THE CLUTCH...NO ONE WILL DO IT. so I am stuck right now, but fortunately the weather is cold here now (unusual) and that helps for now. thanks so much. I am guessing it is the gap and rust on the cover, and as you say eventually it will actually be the clutch, so when I can afford that repair I should probably do that. The good thing is you fixed your car and the a/c works. (someone else said they replaced a wire on the compressor and that did many choices) take care and thanks for reply.
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