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Greetings, After much research and test drivivg one a year ago, I am trying to buy a new Insight. So far, it's been a bit frustrating. Six weeks after "ordering" one at my local dealer (Tulsa,Ok) I am still being told they don't know when. This sounds fishy to me, but they claim they can't actually order one like a Civic or Acord. I am told they have to find one at another dealer and trade for it. Anyone connected with a Honda dealer and know if this sounds right?

Hi Dbinttown:

___As has been posted in the recent past; it will not be an easy or a guaranteed success unfortunately.

___Might I suggest that you PM Billy here at Insight Central? If anyone knows about availability as well as the purchasing process for a new 05, he does. I believe his 05 is coming in a matter of weeks in fact. Here is his profile if you would like to follow up. ... ofile&u=54

___Good Luck with your quest

___Wayne R. Gerdes
___Hunt Club Farms Landscaping Ltd.
___[email:2jxr6qlh][email protected][/email:2jxr6qlh]
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