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Hi All,
Anyone know where I would go to see if there’s interest in developing a turbo kit for the Honda Civic Hybrid (HCH)? Yeah, I really mean it when I said we want to promote hybrids, not just Insights. I believe Honda has the best quality vehicle so I’ll stay with them. If we could find an owner in the Northern, CA or surrounding areas that would like to have their car be the prototype for a production turbo kit, theirs would be done for cost. Any ideas? Warrens ready… Jack

PS, Oh bye the way, these guys are not dealership, their better. No grease or scratches on any cars ever. They work on cars ordinary mechanics could only dream about. It's Friday about 6:15 am, will be heading east shortly, see you tonight.
Did you ever manage to turbo a civic hybrid?
I just got a 2004 civic hybrid and wanted to turbo it really only problem I have found is the ecu tuning for it how would I tune the ecu and keep the electric IMA working?
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