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Hi Jack, there is a good reason to use tubo mods with IMA. In the IMA system the ICE produces the bulk of the power, therefore, an icrease of 40 pecent power gains you a system gain of roughly 35 percent.

Not so in the case of the Prius. The Prius ICE contributes relatively little to acceleration so increasing it's power by 40 percent would have only a small effect on accelleration. Furthermore, if the ICE overpowered the electric motor the ICE would rev up wildly untill rev limiting cut in. It would be like flooring the gas pedal while driving on a skating rink! In my opinion a turbo mod would not work at all. :(

As for the Civic, I think fewer Civic owners would want a turbo. However, since Civics outnumber Insights by ten or fifteen to one, there is probably a larger market for civic turbo mods. I think the real market will open up when the 2006 Civic hits the dealer lots as they are going to be sportier than the existing Civic. :D :D

Forget a turbo for the Accord. It is already incredibly fast and powerful. 8)
We can never have too much power.. hahah.. but like jack said.. i think it has the missfiring system.. tha cuts cylinders when you drive.. not sure.. but i will look into that also.. but for now.. i do want to turbo a civic hybrid.. if anyone that has one.. and want a turbo.. pm me or email me.. ASAP.. we can work out the deal then.. ok..

Jack.. hope ur trip is safe and fun.. don't race too many people on the freeway.. and hope willie enjoys his new exhaust system.. let me know once you guys have installed it.. thanks say hi to willie for me.. Willie, open up that exhaust system.. HAHA :lol:
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