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Twike has been around for a few decades .. always been a very small niche vehicle company making only a dozen or so vehicles per month .. It's another 3 wheel 2 person Enclosed BEV Trike .. It has optional pedal assist (up to 300W per passenger) .. for letting the 'pilot' get a little casual exercise while they commute or sit in traffic etc.

It has also always had it's scales tipped in favor high efficiency .. 6-13kwh/100km

At 490 kg that's ~373 kg lighter than even our light weight Gen1 Insight.
With the upgraded peak 70kw power system .. 10kw faster than the 60kw of the Insight combined ICE+IMA.

About ~7% less wind resistance CdA than even our wind slippery Gen1 Insights.

I'm estimating a 0-60 time of around ~6s (Mass:power)

Governed top speed ~124MPH (200kmph)

Range per charge up to 500km (~310 miles) ~50k Euro (~$56k US)

Minimum starting ~50km (~30Miles) range version ~35kEuro (~$39k US)

They already passed their $250,000 deposit funding goal for the first test drive prototype .. expected in 2016 ... When they get $2mllion in reservations they go into production of the 1st 500 Twike5 vehicles.

The other interesting thing about the Twike reservation system .. They offer you interest/credit .. you put $ down for a deposit .. they give you a ~5% interest as additional credit ... for example $1,000 deposit .. if your vehicle is available in 1 year you have an applied credit of ~$1,050 .. if yours is in 2 years that same $1,000 becomes ~1,102 ... etc.

AFAIK only a dozen or so people have imported and had them registered to drive on public roads in the U.S. .. Mainly having to go through your state's DMV .. and of course the shipping / transportation fee to get it across the pond.
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