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Its warming up and I'm slowing down. I concentrate on mileage ALL the time. I cruise at 60 mph on the freeway in the slow lane. I just let the big SUVs go speeding by. These factors combined with working late and missing the rush hour have put me in new Personal Best territory

Last tank 60.3 mpg
Previous tank 60.1 mpg
Before that 59.9 mpg

LMPG 57.3 at 16,113 miles.

I drive 2350 miles per month.

Cost per Month

car payment $320
Maintenance $ 0 (honda care included in car payment)
Insurance $100
fuel $132
tolls $0
total $552

Cost per mile = 25 cents per mile.

Its the same as having a 20 mpg car and paying $1/gallon. remember the old VW bug commercials "2 pennies per mile!"

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Or a 20 MPG car and payments of $56 per month. :D :badgrin:
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