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Two Sightings in one mile.

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So this was a rare event today. I had two sightings in one mile. Had I been on the more ritzy side of town it might not have suprised me, but I don't see so many other Insight's around here. I was on my way back from Fry's electronics and first saw a Citrus yellow one! Then about one mile later I saw one from a distance, but I first said the blue is wrong, then realized it was a Navy Blue Pearl. So those are probably the rarest two colors, what are the odds of seeing those two so close to eachother?

Good day I guess.
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Hi density day

Wow, talk about a high concentration area! And rare colors to boot.

I've only seen one other on the road, but here at work (Delta Air Line Tech Ops) we have 3 silver's in the general parking area, 2 on day shift, and me on second. Delta folks are a far flung lot, when it comes to commuting to work, so econobox cars are rampant. Never had a chance to speak to the 2 other guys, so far.
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