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I've just upgraded my stock horn to a pair of snail air horns, however one odd thing I came across was that there are two stock horns fitted, one in the usual location under the panel below the bonnet (hood) #1 and one below the passenger side headlight assembly #2.

After unplugging stock horn #1, which I assumed was the only horn as I have not found any mention of two stock horns, I plugged in an Accord horn I had bought and was disappointed that the sound was no different so I refitted the stock horn #1 and purchased the snail air horns. During the fitting of the air horns I unplugged stock horn #1 and connected up the new air horns via a relay and used the power supply to stock horn #1 as the switch. I pressed the horn button on the steering wheel expecting to hear the new air horns and all I heard was the meep meep of a stock horn, #1 stock horn was on the garage floor so only then did it dawn on me that there is another stock horn fitted.

I followed the sound and located stock horn #2 under the passenger headlight assembly, it is exactly the same as stock horn #1 with the same one pin plug connector but well hidden and difficult to access. To get to it I had to remove the battery and battery box and due to the restricted space I couldn't remove it so just unplugged it and left it in place. Once it was unplugged the power supply of stock horn #1 which was now connected to the air horns became operative and the air horns now sounded when pressing the steering wheel mounted horn button.

Just mentioning this in case any other UK owner is looking to do a horn upgrade, and to see if anyone wants to shed light on the two horns, I'm wondering if one is alarm related?
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