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As a keen Insighter I want to ensure ultimate mpg by using oem tyres if possible. Now the Potenza Re92's are not listed at any supliers in the UK, but the 391's are. I e-mailed Bridgestone anyway just to see what they say, and this is the reply I got.

Thank you your mail.

The RE92 is not a UK pattern, however, the equivalent fitment would be the B391.

Hope this helps,


Clive Miller
Bridgestone UK
Tel: +44 (0)1926 488 524
Fax: +44 (0)1926 310 810
E-mail: [email protected]
As we thought really.

At present I own two UK spec Insights, one has 391's all round and the other has 391's on the back and evo 330's on the front. I intend to change the 330's to 391's as I can never get the same mpg in the evo fitted car as I can with the 391 fitted vehicle. Difference is about 5-10mpg and I'm sure it's down to the damm EVO's!!

I will soon have two virtually new EVO's if anyone wants them in UK for £10 each. Done about 5000 miles if that! PM me if interested.


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If I recall correctly the B381 is not sold in the same 165/65 size as the insight. As a result the mpg guage/speedodometer will register lower values than actual due to the larger tire size. It is also a bit heavier than the RE-92's. That said the B381 is a good LRR tire. Never used it on a insight but replaced the RE-92's on my sons old Prius with the B381's. After adjusting for size they are doing better than the heavy load Potenza's used on the old Prius. They are also wearing better on the Prius. Have fun, RIck
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