For sale is my 2000 Insight, W reg. Oxygen Blue. 237,000 miles. Just passed MoT, due at end of February 2024.

Bought as a lockdown project in early 2020 with failed gearbox and IMA battery. Owner and previous owner both automotive engineers. Genuine UK market car. Not tax free or automatically ULEZ exempt due to age / registration, although can be exempted from at least London ULEZ by application. Only selling as I have too many cars, it's not getting driven nearly as much as it should, and need to thin the herd.

The good:

Massive history folder including receipts for all work in my ownership and previous owner’s. Partial history prior to this. Receipts for over £3000 of parts alone fitted in the last few years including gearbox refurb, clutch, flywheel, radiator, catalytic converter, LAF 02 sensor, brakes and brake lines. Basically all the expensive jobs already done.

Never had E10 in the tank, has always been run on premium fuel during my ownership.

Regular oil changes with genuine Honda 0W20 green oil and filter, all other fluids and filters replaced using genuine Honda fluid in 2020, brake fluid flushed October 2022 with DOT5.1. Doesn't leak or burn a drop of oil, coolant, or any other fluid.

Drives lovely – no rattles and squeaks, IMA works correctly. 4 keys and 3 keyfobs.

Interior is in lovely condition. Minor wear to the driver’s seat bolster, but as a whole the interior looks like it has 150k less miles than it actually does.

4x original wheels with matching Michelin Energy Saver tyres with good tread, and unused factory spare and toolkit present.

13 months MoT, due end of Feb 2024.

Tank is still ½ full which will get you about 350 miles.

The bad:

Paint not great. Presentable from 15 feet away and polishes up nice with a good coat of wax, but looks its age. Most panels have minor damage or paint bubbling, lots of stonechips to the bonnet and front bumper. Worst is the passenger side of the car which has scrapes and a crack in the plastic front wing, a small (grape sized) dent over the rear wheel, a badly repaired scuff on the rear bumper and a fresh scrape just in front of the rear wheel from some idiot in a car park. Good news is no rust issues due to 100% aluminium body construction.

All 4 wheels have bubbling and corrosion to the diamond cut finish to various degrees. No issues with leaks but they are ugly and could use a refurb.

AC currently not working due to gas leak. Does work and blows ice cold when regassed, but there is a leak in the system I haven’t tracked down, leaks down in about a week after a refill.

Rear window demister element barely works – there is voltage to the window but the element itself has failed. This is nearly universal on these cars.

IMA battery – has been replaced, but will throw a check engine light for battery imbalance about every 1000 miles, or after a week or two of sitting, easily fixed with a grid charge. Includes a high-quality custom-built grid charger.

Also includes a box of spares that I've accumulated or not gotten round to fitting. Viewing and test drives welcome by appointment!