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UK 2012-2014 Insight Excessive Oil Consumption Thread

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Hi everyone,

Tl;dr - Honda UK have no documentation re: 2012-14 excessive oil consumption, something needs done

I'm from Glasgow, Scotland (part of the UK...for now). Quick geography, the UK is England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland (many in NA think the UK/Britain and England are all one in the same thing).

Anyway, I've been in the Honda world for a decade now. My brother currently has a '14 CRZ in Energetic Yellow, 16k miles on the clock. I currently have an '08 Civic IMA and this is where our story begins.

I'm looking for something to replace my Civic IMA. Car is starting to look a bit dated, the rear wheel arches are rusting badly thanks to our crappy salt roads here in the UK. The Insight fits the bill with its more modern looks.

I really like the look of the facelift 2012 Insight with the front fascia that matches that of the ZF2 CRZ (like my brothers) around the foglight area. The rear bumper is also nicer with the crease they added behind the rear wheels.

However, one big problem, the dreaded 2012-14 oil consumption/piston ring issues. Now, from what I've gathered on the forum American Honda 'took care' of this issue. By take care, I mean some pretty poor to adequate dealership experiences and an extended warranty of 8 years from purchase date (pretty much useless now as these cars have passed this time - if it didn't get the issue sorted then I guess that's that). From what I can see, some Insights were repaired and seem to be fine. Some 12-14 Insights never really presented an issue in the first place.

I read one thread post where someone states the issue is specific to the US only cars and also was sorted for the 2014 cars.

Either way, the problem is really that Honda UK as far as the UK Insight owners are concerned have never admitted to any problem with the car. The Insight was a really poor seller in the UK - only 70 are for sale in the entire country right now and far less of them are the ZE2.5 facelift model.

There are though, apparent issues with the UK cars the same as those in North America.

For a start, one facelift car on AutoTrader (the main used car commerce website here) states in the listing 'engine rebuilt by Honda in 2019'. Honda don't rebuild engines for no reasons, and said car is only at 85,000 miles - what I consider breaking in mileage for other Hondas.

Similarly, on the Honda Insight Owners Club UK Facebook group, one member says his 2012 lasted until 90k miles before it went bang. He said that he had it for 18 months and it was the CVT that went (I know the CVT should really have its oil changed each engine oil change as they aren't known for being the most robust) so it doesn't give much evidence to excessive oil consumption.

Today though, I watched a YouTube video of an American discussing the excessive oil consumption issues and a couple of UK guys have commented that they have the same exact problem with their facelift Insight and Honda UK have nothing to say on the matter. No TSB. No warranty offer. Nothing.

This thread is to try and gather together information on UK cars that are apparently facing the same fault as those in other areas of the world.

I believe Honda UK are simply brushing the entire thing under the carpet owing to the fact it really only affects a few hundred people. This simple is unacceptable and they need to be held to account.

I will keep you all posted,

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Good luck. We have always been shafted here for warranty related stuff versus the US.

The G1 IMA battery got a 150,000 mile ten year warranty extension in the US, we got told to sod off with 80,000 miles and 8 year IIRC.
Thanks for the support - I understand what you are saying that there are discrepancies (I think US consumers have needed to be persuaded to buy Japanese for a number of years vs UK buyers) in warranties.

The difference here is that Honda built an engine that is fundamentally flawed, then indirectly admitted this fault through a series of comprehensive TSBs in The States.

I will set up a petition and pursue signatures for a period of time before contacting all media channels of Honda UK as appropriate.

There is however one caveat, there may very well be some kind of literature that exists at Honda UK but the cars are just so rare that the owners aren't in enough numbers to share that information here.

Anyone on here with access to UK dealer intranet?
In case anyone happens across this thread, a member on here in Ireland managed to have Honda complete the remedial works on the engine but sadly all Insights are now beyond the time limit given to the extended warranty. I feel like warranty should be mileage based only so as if you buy a low mileage example you can be safe in the knowledge Honda will correct their fault.
Just to keep this thread going, I contacted someone on AutoTrader who has a white example is 80,000 miles approximately and states in the listing 'engine rebuilt by Honda in 2019'.

They confirmed that the oil consumption issue was the reason for the engine rebuild but didn't go into detail about whether Honda paid for the work or not.

What is does confirm is that UK cars do also indeed suffer from this issue - something that we all assumed to be fair.

One of the things that makes me feel weird with this car further is that even low miles examples - less than 50,000 for example, all seem to have 3 and 4 owners. That is extremely unusual for a low mileage Honda in the UK with many Honda buyers keeping their car for a long time and a lot of 1 owner cars with that sort of mileage usually available.

I am of the mind now that if I do buy on of these cars, I will get a low mileage - sub 40k miles - and proceed to purchase the essential parts to swap out the pistons and the o-rings to the 'good' design. This just gives peace of mind and hopefully would give a 100k mile plus trouble free car.

I'm just keeping my eye out for a suitable car now, I'll keep you all up to date!
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Didn’t you reply on the other thread that Honda have fixed your one?
All Insights were made in Japan for markets worldwide. So only the steering wheel changed sides and accessory packages were market specific. Only the 2012-2013 ones have the "experimental" low friction piston rings. The model years are what we go by in the US & Canada, but I bet Honda knows which ones based on VIN numbers.
Thanks for that. The added confusing thing in the UK is that you can have a 2014 that os effectively a 2012 because it’s sat on the lot so long that by the time it’s registered it gets registered as a new car for that current year rather than the year it was built.
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