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Hi all,

This is mine: I'll take £3k inc all the goodies from a forum member.

Honda Insight 1.0 - MANUAL - UK Car #123 - modern classic (with unique history) | eBay

High miles but mostly motorway miles: 2nd gear synchro and the ISB are fine. BP ran round and round a test track; second owner commuted from Wiltshire to London; third owner clocked up 50k in 18 months working all over Norfolk; I've only ever used it for motorway mile munching. (bicycle for town and Mazda MX5 for backroads) 2000 car, so £140/year tax. It'll need a pair of front tyres this winter and the gearbox mounting is split as usual.

Else most of the usual niggles are sorted. Even has £2k's worth of new exhaust (catalyst and exhaust all the way to the tailpipe, plus both oxygen sensors) that might be worth buying, swapping with your own car, and selling the remains.

Battery? Battery shows its age (it will go out of balance enough to give poor assist if the car is not used for a month) but I've been getting away with a quarterly charge/discharge/charge cycle. I actually bought extra sticks from Peter (Civic HCH, all showing 6.5-7 Ah capacity when charged/discharged at 1C) when I got the mains charger fitted, intending to build a frankenpack from the best 28, but haven't need to since rebalancing the pack with the charger and discharger.

Also included is a fully assembled IMAC&C and programmer still in it's box. I never got round to playing with that either.

Will consider swap with a "sensible" car. Saab 9-5 Aero; Volvo V70R; or similar vehicle with 4 seats that I can sling tools in the back of and hand the keys over to she who must be obeyed without worrying about finding hear and the car backwards through a hedge later. ;-)

(she won't touch the MX5 again if it's raining!)

Marko 07774 524 114
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