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UK Honda Insight Owners Day 5th of August 2005

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Good news! :D I have corresponded with the Honda Institute and the UK's first Honda Insight Owners Day will take place on Friday 5th August.

I am meeting the guys at Honda in the next couple of weeks to decide on the days programme but it will include some or all of the following:

A tour of the Honda Institute and presentation of what they do
A presentation of the history of Honda and its products
Some Honda product demos
A presentation and demo of the technology behind Insight
An Insight quiz (with a Insight-related prize provided by me)
Hopefully a presentation by the Honda UK Product Development team about the IMAS/Insight 2

I was pleasantly surprised by the enthusiasm of the Honda UK contact:

"Wow! Yes we would love to have the Insight Owners Club visit the Honda Institute. We are always very happy to show off our facilities and to talk about Honda's fantastic technology. What you have requested is right up our street and I would be happy to have a face to face meeting to discuss details. Could you tell me, would they be bringing their vehicles? We have a very large workshop and it would be great to have fleet of Insights on display. The charge for the numbers you have requested would be only £20:00 per head (including lunch) and I can assure you we have experts on the Insight technology and the trip would be very worthwhile for you. I look forward to hearing from you."

As you can see there is a £20 fee, which includes a proper lunch. I am willing to pay this for the first 10 Insight drivers and their co-pilots that sign up, but I would be grateful for any reimbursements on the day! :)

When I have more details on the programme for the day I will let you know. The Honda Institute is in Colnbrook, Slough - just off the M4/M25, near Heathrow. Please post if you have any queries or suggestions and also to confirm that you and your Insight can attend.
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'kin 'ell ! :roll:
Cannot make it ! I'm on holiday "down under" from 22nd July till 22nd August.....

I'd love to attend, as the Honda-Guys sound REALLY enthusiastic.

I'll think of you guys, when we go beyond the black stump on Cape York. 8)
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