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UK Insight Owners

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Any UK Insight owners out there, I'm sure I have never seen one around the West coutry. :cry:

Still, when I get mine on Saturday at least I'll be unique. :D
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Mark - As a regular InsightCentral Forum user, count me in as another Insight owner. I am based in South London but will be near you when I go to Devon once or twice a year to visit relatives.

You should definitely feel unique in the West Country :D ; get ready to answer lots of questions from people in car parks and for people driving along to be staring at your Insight rather than the road :shock:.

Rather than have to give people my ten minute Insight patter, I am about to put together a detailed handout (thanks to help from dflach). When I've done it, I'll send it to you if you want - you'll need it!

I have only ever seen one other Insight in the UK. However, if other UK owners respond to this post, I might even try and organise a Insight rally in the UK :).
That would be cool if you could, would you be able to e-mail it to me?
I've got one too. Sheffield so I think you are safe in terms of unique in your area:)
hi guys - i have just imported one from japan and am waiting for my local honda garage to install a rear foglight for the mot. its a bit of a red tape nitemare just now but i hope to be on the road very soon. im away traveling just now so that isnt helping lol. i installed peters fabulous grid charger already as the car was sitting for a few months during the import process and it seemed to work well. i haven't really been able to drive it - only to the garage and it went really nicely - i was pleasantly surprised. i am based in north essex and i did see a blue insight in a local village but have not seen it recently. i would definitely be up for a meet. also did we get any word on the london congestion charge situation? that will be a nice bonus if we are free.
I'm from South Wales :) I thought my insight would be unique but I have seen one other one in the area.
I've still got mine. I'm thinking of keeping as a daily driver now as I've just bought a project CRX to keep me busy in the garage over the winter!
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