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Not me either...

Mine is red and in the Essex area... I work for Ford and enjoy driving my eco mobile behind all the Fiesta's and Foci going to Dunton... Especially at 40mph I am getting 100-150mpg when in lean burn mode...

Put Tesco 99 in it yesterday with my 5p off voucher... Still £33 for a full tank, I just wish it was a little larger so I didn'y have to tank up every 3 weeks ;-)

67mpg over 40 miles... need to curb my right foot. My lmpg is dropping to 77mpg.

I haven't seem another since I've owned mine... Over 2 months now.

Someone at work showed me the volume that Honda sold in Europe... Not very many ~300-400 in total (from memory).
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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