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UK, Insight wanted..

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Hello all,
I saw from searching that there are a few UK people here, so I hope this question is not too out of place: I am looking for a second hand Insight, and apart from the Honda UK website, I haven't seen any for sale.
Any suggestions?

On another topic, the insight would replace a small LPG car, which gets about 40mpg (of lpg). I'm a bit reluctant to go back to petrol. Has anyone done a conversion on an insight? Would it be any more complex than any other fuel-injected, catalysed car? I can live with a small tank and small range, but any opinions on this are welcome.

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I've spent a long time looking for one (fussy) and have pretty much decided to stick with my diesel Civic (especially since I got 75 mpg on my commute to work this morning :D)
Honda dealers and are best bets - there is currently a low milage 2001 reg at Halesowen Honda. I've found that they come up for sale one every one or two months on average.

'Lean Machine' was going to do an LPG conversion, search for his posts to find out more - don't know if he did it, but TBH the Insight is a complex car as it is, and the 100+ mpg possible is more than adequate IMO.
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