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UK/US Warranty imbalance......

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I've just bought a late 2001 silver Insight from Chiswick Honda in London and it's comfortably the best car Ive ever owned. I'm living in central London, right on the border of the new congestion charge (for which I'm now exempt!) and this car rules. Brilliant city car, great commuter, ace on a twisty A road too.

However, it seems our American cousins enjoy a superior warranty to us UK Insight owners. In the US the battery and primary electric components are warrantied for 8 years. My European handbook doesnt offer this.
Also, more peversely, the Civic IMA is launched here in May and also comes with the tasty 8year electrics warranty too!

Has any of us UK owners enquired with Honda UK about this yet? If so, what was their response? If not, I will write a letter in the next few days (once I can leave this miracle car alone).
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