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According to the service manual, for the 2005 car there are the following differences between the M/T and CVT versions. This is just in the specifications, which doesn't say anything about a different intake manifold, for example, or a different engine control computer code version. That you would have to find out by looking at the part numbers, checking it by comparing the actual parts.

Anyway, according to the service manual, the following are different:
- compression ratio (M/T: 10.8, CVT: 10.3)
- brake pad size
- radiator size
- battery size

There is also an additional oxygen sensor in the M/T cars. There may be a difference in the brake fluid pressure sensing system. Maybe a few other things like cam timing.

Note that the differences in some of these specs is tiny, and really only matter in a high production volume car. It's common, for example, to use slightly different brake pads between similar models of a car, and then have a single repair part that is shared between models. All that proves is how highly tuned the car manufacturing business is...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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