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Michelin make a tyre specially for electric vehicles. The Compact 2 replaces the original Compact and the Proxima tyre. The Proxima was used by VW on an electric concept car and its rolling resistance was 25% less than the Michelin Energy. It sounds ideal for the Insight the only question is can 145 section tyres fit on 5.5" rims. I cant find details on the Compact but the Michelin website has info on the Proxima and its LRR. ... CH&lang=EN

Michelin 145/65 R 14 70S 'Compact 2' (Michelin stock code:
271740). This tyre size/tread pattern is presently stocked within Europe, carrying a 3 to 4 week delivery delay to any tyre distributor with a Michelin account, such as ATS Euromaster, Kwik-Fit, National Tyres, Costco etc.

I might be tempted the next time I need some new tyres

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