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Under Dash Pictures?

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Hi, I'm looking for pictures of the insight instrument panel with all the trim removed. Does the Honda service manual have any good drawings of the whole console assembly? Does anyone have any pictures from projects/repairs of the instrument console without any dash/trim? thanks for you help!

Aaron Johnston
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Start there, they will show you the blown apart diagrams at least.
The pictures in the service manual aren't all that good (IMO). One thing that it does say is that to get to the instrument panel, the airbag & steering wheel need to be removed first :-(

I was hoping for something simpler, as I really would like to get in there and cut the wires to the beeper...
Yeah it's quite a job to get the piece out where the main air vents are if thats what your talking about. I had mine replaced early on and it took them a long time because the whole steering column had to be dropped down. I can guide you through the steering wheel removal part, but thats all I have really done myself.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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