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Underbody panels cost $450.00

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I had a tire that the tread separated from on my first long trip in the Insight since returning. The tire was 6 years old with 140K miles but still looked good but I guess you could say I was asking for it since I use 50PSI in the tires as well. Anyway the tread seperation acted as a whip and took out the wheel well panel, drivers side strake, vertical plastic piece, under-engine panels, and the metal front panel. The cost of the replacement panels and screws was in the 450 neighborhood. Kind of makes you think of buying a spare insight for parts. I'm lucky it didn't destroy the wiring harness behind the wheel well as it looks like it took a beating as well. The edges of the fender have some of the tire residue but I hope to be able to scrub the remains off. I did collect some of the pieces off the road but they had holes punched in them from the tread and the screws were ripped out. Have fun, Rick
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I don't have the receipt yet since they are on order but the 2 big ones for under the engine were around 50 a piece not 80 so the dealer isn't the most expensive. The 1 aluminum pannel was 92 if I recall correctly. I know those were the two most expensive ones but then you add in 30-40 for the others it adds up. Have fun, Rick
In regards to tire life if I recall correctly I replaced 2 at around 95K, 1 at 120K and the other at around 140K. I had tires/wheels from a wrecked insight that I used as a second when I changed the tire at 120K. In all cases the tread still looked new on all the tires but the sidewall failed (Can't tale on the last one but on the previous ones I had a bulge in the sidewall that could be seen). The long life is probably due to easy driving on the interstate (Same things that give high mpg). The insight is a light car so I think the tires have a easy time. Note I had a civic VX prior to the Insight and I got about 80-100K on its tires as well. Drove it 250K before selling it. Have fun, RIck
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