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Underbody panels cost $450.00

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I had a tire that the tread separated from on my first long trip in the Insight since returning. The tire was 6 years old with 140K miles but still looked good but I guess you could say I was asking for it since I use 50PSI in the tires as well. Anyway the tread seperation acted as a whip and took out the wheel well panel, drivers side strake, vertical plastic piece, under-engine panels, and the metal front panel. The cost of the replacement panels and screws was in the 450 neighborhood. Kind of makes you think of buying a spare insight for parts. I'm lucky it didn't destroy the wiring harness behind the wheel well as it looks like it took a beating as well. The edges of the fender have some of the tire residue but I hope to be able to scrub the remains off. I did collect some of the pieces off the road but they had holes punched in them from the tread and the screws were ripped out. Have fun, Rick
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That can't be right. I asked about ordering some from my local dealer and they quoted $80 per side for the big plastic ones that go the length of the car.
Ed said:
In all seriousness though does anyone know when it's a good idea to get rid of tyres due to their age; my rear B391s have 5 years and 45, 000 miles on but still have a lot of tread.
Bridgestone recommends 6 years as the maximum a set of tires can remain on a car and still be safe at highway speeds. If you only drive in town, then you can probably get away with a lot longer.

I asked the kid at the tyre fitters the other day but he just seemed a bit mystified as to why I wasn't running the widest set of low profiles I could get my hands on.
He probably has a Civic with a bloody 6 foot high wing, 12" wide exhaust can and a set of 26" wheels...
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