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undertray fitting

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i have just replaced the undertray on my car but need some pictures to check if i have done it correctly - do the edges of the plastic undertrays sit on top of the metal front undertray or under them - i have installed on top ... 0Large.jpg ... 3Large.jpg ... 2Large.jpg

Anyone confirm

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I second Joe. Looks good! Mine is going in for the same thing on Thursday. One plastic panel came lose in a mild tropical storm on I95 and began dragging on the freeway, and that set off a chain reaction. I have noticed a distinct driving difference. I did not think these panels mattered much for aerodynamics but they do.

Any advice on how to keep the metal clips from rusting on the ends of the screws on the plastic panels :?: Over time these rust together, making them impossible to remove since you twist the plastic instead of the screw.
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