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y'all may have noticed that I have been really frustrated and unsatisfied with the dealers in my area. the one I bought the car from in december makes being unhelpful and clueless about hybrids, etc. the one nearest my home was helpful, but didn't have all the parts on hand for the oil change I needed and it took a Long Time to complete. also they're 30 miles from my job and don't give loaners, so it means taking lots of time off of work to get work done on the car. the one nearest my job seems to be good, and accomodating, but they don't have a shuttle service so it's a logistical nightmare to leave the car there! plus, when I ran over road debris and was concerned my car was totally screwed up, they really didn't think they'd be able to look at it for a day at least.

I'm frustrated again because I need to take the car in for an oil change and the 2006 emissions recall. the dealership near my home has a broken HDS machine and it hasn't been fixed for at least 2 weeks. the one near my work couldn't schedule me until next thursday and I'll have to leave the car for a whole day (and will have to sweet-talk my coworkers into picking me up from the dealership/dropping me off).

the recall notice I got says that if I am not satisified with the service I receive from my honda dealer, I should write - I'd like to write, just because I'm so generally dissatisfied with honda dealerships. hondas are too popular: you can't get a timely service appointment and customer service is really not what it should be.

can y'all tell me if I'm unrealistic in my expectations? this is my first new car, and therefore the first time I've had to actually deal with a dealer. I just don't think I should have to wait for almost a week to get an appointment if I have a problem with my car, you know?
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