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Update. Going with 185/60/14 instead.

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Looks like the Michelin Pilot Exalto A/S is the leader so far. Excellent reviews and high UTQG. Hoping it won't kill me on mpg more than 3 - 5 mpg.

I am currently average 57 mpg with the stock tires at 40 psi. I'm willing to sacrifice a few mpg for improved handling and ride comfort. A little less road noise wouldn't hurt either, but not sure if I'll get that.
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Quick addition

Looks like I have way more options in a 185/60/14 and a much lower price point as well with only a 1.3% variance in revolutions from stock.

Any personal experience with summer performance tires in this size would also be greatly appreciated.

I'm hunting for a set of used rims for dedicated winter tires so I'll be mounting the new tires on the stock wheels.

Bridgestone Potenza RE960AS Pole Position with UNI-T AQ II are currently $45 each after rebate.

Sumitomo HTR 200's are $39 each. Kinda hard to resist trying a set of these at this price?

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