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Hi all,

Hoping to get some feedback on this idea. I'm looking to replace the factory head unit but keep the factory 6 disc changer (I overpaid for it when I bought the car, so I want to preserve that - for some unknown reason).

I'm looking for something that could support an iPod has an AUX port option for other MP3 players (currently have an Archos 30GB player), has MP3 CD playback and doesn't look like it was designed for a disco (some have way too many flashing lights).

I replaced the factory speakers 5 years ago with the then recommended Eclipse units, I have the door speakers only, no rears.

Is this possible to do? I haven't seen any listings that would imply that the bus to the changer is supported by anything other than the Honda decks, and thay are generally low to average quality heads.



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i just put a panasonic 7103 in mine and it has aux in and ipod interface.
3 sets of rca's also front back and sub.

i went with these door speakers.

i added a rockford fosgate punch 400a series IV amp and a
subsolutions TPSS porsche model sub.

rewired the doors and sub with 16awg and ran a 10awg with a 30a fuse.
sounds way better.[/url]

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I would highly recommend the Alpine 9857. I doubt it will support your factory changer, but otherwise it's amazing:

1) It's one of the only headunits that supports a high speed connection to the iPod. Most headunits treat the iPod like a CD changer, and it can literally take you 15 minutes to navigate through a large list of songs. However, the Alpine is just as fast as the iPod. It's awesome!

2) You can add an AUX port if you wish. (It's an option.)

3) It looks great installed in the Insight, and you can turn off all animation if you wish. (It's off by default.)

4) It has a biolite display that is easy to read in daylight.

Hope that helps.

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