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US Warranty: Export?

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Hello again!

Passed nice time with my Honda without problems
since a year now. But no real progress in guarantee-
questions in "Old Europe"... My dealer-guarantee has
nearly passed, but perhaps I'll also profit from the
last guarantee-extension? Seems that Honda doesn't
have too much trouble with Insighters or are they so
Once I'll perhaps need a more recent model. And if the
Euro keeps its strong course I really consider buying one
over the Atlantic! A new one, of course. Are there any
suggestions concerning Export-cars? Is the guarantee
really only working in the U.S.?

Thanks for an answer even if you're not really involved...

Greetings from the other side, "lonely":

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Thanks, so the prices will stay at least on the same
level. In Germany it'll stay difficult to get a car
younger than from 2000, because there were only
100 delivered. So in the future an U.S.-Import will
still be the only way to get a more recent car. The
battery control software was updated in 2003, so
this or younger should be the choice, isn't it?

Thanks & greetings, Michael
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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