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Used Car Perchaser stories!

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I bought Mine at CarMax in october of 2001, with only 2,500 miles basicly new. I noticed some people got lucky like myself and saved up to 6K or more on the purchase.

I'm driving a Silver 2000 Manual Tranmission w/ AC

I got it for 15K, I considered myself lucky I want to see if any of you used car owners out there did even better.

I've noticed that at the time of purchase Kelly Blue book did not yet have listing for the car used. I also noticed that to get the car for that Price at other dealerships it usally had over 30,000 miles.
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Well I bought my 2000 5 spd used @ 23,200 miles and paid 13,600. I felt I got a relatively good deal. Had them throw in a set of brand new Nokian Hakkapeliitta 1 snow tires too.
Ebay here .. 2000 , service date March 17 2001 , 26K Red Mint ,Air 5spd 11,200 .... Got to love it
59 But I drive fast ... I love the looks I get .... 104 Top far ...
Ran from S. Tampa to Videllia Ga (225 @ 90mph) got 46mpg... I'm used to my V8 getting 10MPG , So 46 is awesome to me ..

Got mine through a personal ad for 13g's. 2000 silver MT, ac, mp3 cd, x-warranty... with 8.2k. And I'm still lovin' it til this day.
Used Car Perchaser Stories

Got mine on Ebay, a 2002 5 Speed with 4000 miles for $14,900. Was a repo. Spent a little more flying to Texas to get it, but driving home to WV by way of Myrtle Beach, SC was a lot of fun.
Got mine at a dealer auction in August. I had been looking for one for a while and nothing locally was to my liking. Ideally I wanted a red 5 speed with air, no other options necessary as I knew I was changing the stereo the moment I got it. I had been watching the online listings for the local area for a month and low and behold a red 2002 Insight 5 speed with 2700 miles showed up late, but I cought it. I hadn't even driven one ever so I showed up early and drove it around the lot some and looked it over. Fine by me, it was exactly what I wanted, but by that time if I could have found an automatic if I could have found one, and deffinitely an older one with some miles, but they were just hard to come by.

I sat there at the lane and waited and waited for the car to come through as sometimes they run em through early. At the time, the Insight had no blue book value so there was a bunch of people standing around sccratching their heads know quite knowing what to think when the car went in to auto stop on the auction block. It was great, we got bidd against twice and they were done. Got the car for cheap as it was a lease return and they just wanted rid of it.

Check in hand and a dealer plate ready I took it home. I later did a car fax which revealed some interesting notes. The car's first entry was here in Phoenix at 800 miles, so I'm assuming it was probably a demo vehcile.. all well. Then someone bought it, registered it, and it was back up for sale at a dealership the next day. It sat around for a while and was leased, not a whole lot more than 1000 miles later it came back to the dealership and sat some more. A dealership in Yuma bought it and had to have trailered it down there and back because only 31 miles had been put on it in this time period. So it came back through the auction and then to me. An odd tale for a car, but thats how it ended up in my hands. The question is where along the line did the other two keys dissappear?

Ahh memories. I now have 17,000 miles on the car and have risen the lifetime from 51 when I got it to 63.9, so I'm pretty happy with it.
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Cool stories guys, yeah when i bought mine the insight had no KBB value so i checked the web to see what other companies were selling them for. I decided at the time it was a bargin.
I bought mine used in Dec 2002. paid CDN$19,000 plus tax. @ 12,500KM with every options I updated the front speakers and put the olds into the rear. getting 3.8L/100KM
Could not stand it any longer. This shortcut takes you to a copy of the ad when I bought mine in Feb or 2002. They said it was a mistake, but would honor it. Of course once a salesman lips start moving, you know not to believe anything that follows. The mileage was actually 877 not 87. Had it for over year - never regreted getting it. :D ... 693057&f=0[/url]
Gramps, presumably that means you paid $10,495 for your Insight? If so, that was a good deal. But I hope it wasn't you that pointed out the dealer's mistakenly low price before you did the deal?!
No, it wasn't me that pointed out the low price. When I arrived to pick it up, they said it had been a mistake and they got calls from all over the country. I drove it and looked it all over and couldn't believe it. I was waiting for the other shoe to drop for about three months, but all is great! :D
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