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Hi All:

___Just another one of 1 million questions.

___I am not a used car type of guy so this is probably a simple question for most here to answer. If I purchase a used Insight w/ 10 - 20K miles, is the Honda 8 yr./80,000 mile battery warranty and/or the 3 yr./36,000 mile bumper to bumper still intact? I really will have no way to tell if the vehicle purchased has been taken care of unless there were Honda service records or recorded services in the manual but many including myself would not take it to a Honda dealer for routine maintenance due to the high costs. I personally place repair/maintenance receipts into the manuals container but the receipts of any kind will more than likely not be there on a dealer purchased sale. Would the warranty be Null and Void without receipts in this case?

___Thanks in advance

___Wayne R. Gerdes
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Yes the factory warranty will still be intact. The only time in which they could deny any claim is if they could prove lack of matenience caused a failure of something.
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