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Good day,

The passenger side mirror broke off the fitting; just a small plastic joint. The whole casing / fixture would need to be replaced according to Keeler Honda in Albany New York. The first quote from Nick - the service guy - was $350.

As the mirror was loose when I came in, and then broke off when they were looking at it, he kindly said they would pay to install a new mirror if I purchased the part. He even recommended that I check around w/ junk yards.

I logged on to this forum and found Majestic from RI and I obtained the part for $182, shipping $20. I was annoyed that the price from another Honda dealer was so much less. I called Nick, and he said the part was actually $250... so, it was only 27% less with a dealer in RI (perhaps the $350 included installation?). I asked why it was that Keeler charged more. He said that they keep prices competitive for the area. So, I guess it is not as frugal to own a Honda in NY as it is in RI. ???

AT LAST... TO MY QUESTIONS: Is there a preferred guy for junk yard parts? And are their many forum members in New York? My little car has not see a sibling in months...

Steele Andrews
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