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I have a 2005 Honda Hybrid Civic my first question is there a way to using a fooler to clear fault codes in a first generation honda civic for off-road use.... my second question is I would like to be able to change the set points the computer uses to generate the fault codes when it's looking at the battery.
And finally Is it possible to use the vehicles electric motor with assisting the gasoline engine without the battery pack in.

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1) Maybe but no one has developed one asfaik.
2) see 1 above.
3) No

However if you still have an IMA battery..

If you have a barely functioning pack you might be able to coax it into limited life by convincing the ptc strip system or battery temperature sensors that the pack is too hot for use.

Then it won't use it but shouldn't throw codes.
There is no walk thru on how to do this you will have to research the idea and install some hacks in the back.

Alternatively you could try IMAC&C for the HCH1 but with the code set so that it does not allow any assist or regeneration. You might get away with IMA starting if your battery is barely alive.

The best bet if you want to keep the car is buy a new set of quality NIMH sticks or convert it to Lithium.

Lots of reading and searching for you to do on here.. There's lots of info spread about.
Use the search term 'hch1' to help separate Insight stuff from Civic HCH1 stuff.
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