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Valve Adjustment Mileage Interval

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Just curious, wondered what Forum members thought about Honda's 60k mileage interval for valve adjustments. Seems like a rather long time to go from new, however never have heard of anyone with an issue with this. Any idle quality issues that have been solved via valve adj.?
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Where'd you come up with the 60K interval :?: AFAIK it's 105K. :)

Honda's version of the roller rocker arm valve train has been around for many years now. Generally its very stable.

The SM specifies go the distance unless noisey (too loose, light pecking when full warm @ idle). The only problem with this is that rarely the clearance tightens. :shock: You won't hear anything wrong until the misfire occurs from a burnt valve (if it gets tight enough and for long enough).
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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