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Valve adjustment procedure

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I get a some valve noise (ticking) when I start up in the mornings for the 1st few miles or so. I want to adjust the valves myself, or at least check them.

Does anyone have a copy or maybe a .pdf file of the procedure from the manual that you can email me?

Also, for those that have done this, do you need to replace the valve cover gasket or do you re-use it?

Oh yea, it a 2001 5spd

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Ticking that goes away when warm is not loose valves. :!:

Ticking that is audible at idle when fully warm could be valves and should only be adjusted when the engine is fully "cold".

The forum Search feature is your friend :) ... adjustment ... ust+valves

HTH! :)
Yea, I don't think I have a problem, I would just like to check them to make sure they are right on.

I had read those older posts as well, some good info there. This forum is an awesome tool. :D

I would still like to read the manual on the procedure. I think I'm going to try to pickup a manual on Ebay or something.

Thanks again for the info. I have read (and learned from) many of your posts.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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